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AD57. A time of change during which only the adaptable will survive. With the Roman invasion, life has changed for good. But Caelen can see which way the wind is blowing. Sensing the future is Roman, the old man has abandoned his tribe to throw himself and his daughter into the service of the local Roman governor in his newly built villa at Selchester.

But now he is trusted by no one. To his tribe, he is a collaborator. To the Romans, he is less than human. Acting as a go-between in matters of trade and security, Caelen starts to prove his worth to his new masters. Then, as a series of murders present themselves, he sees a way to secure his position. If he can solve the crimes, perhaps he will be trusted. But with his health in decline, will he even last the year?

The Selchester Chronicles are all set within one year, each book taking place around a Celtic festival and will be available from the end of 2024...

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