Richard's books include a Victorian mystery series of novels and short stories, novelisations based on Gerry Anderson's Space Precinct and 5 Star 5 and a children's story about a schoolboy turned inventor.

Bowman Of The Yard

'Most of us are au fait with the dark side of Victorian London, the sharp contrast between rich and poor in their overcrowded slums, the crime and prostitution, thanks to the novels of Charles Dickens.

However, James’s novels are not full of sentimentality, nor are his young ruffians angels in disguise. We smell the filth and blood and hear the screams of those beaten to a pulp by villains. As in many crime novels, it is not the vicious underclass who are the true villains, but those with power and money.'

Historical Novel Society

Space Precinct

Richard's association with the worlds of Gerry Anderson started with his playing Officer Orrin in Anderson's last live action series, Space Precinct. Since then, he has novelised the unfilmed pilot episode, written and narrated four new adventures for the officers of Precinct 88 and produced a memoir of his time filming the show.

Other Titles