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The Bowman Of The Yard series is a sequence of Victorian crime fiction novels and short stories following Detective Inspector George Bowman of Scotland Yard throughout the year of 1892.

Richard James takes the reader right to the heart of Victorian London, introducing them to a range of fascinating characters through his flawed hero, Inspector George Bowman of Scotland Yard. Bringing the sights, sounds and smells of Victorian England to life, the Bowman Of The Yard series is a thrilling and often explosive journey through a troubled man's year...

'A genuinely impressive debut. Richard James has crafted an engrossing mystery with a great sense of atmosphere, and meticulously researched.' Andrew Cartmel, The Vinyl Detective

'A stunning debut. Wonderfully atmospheric, full of the thrills of Victorian London.' Adam Croft

'A masterful new Victorian mystery series.' Rosie Amber Books

Inspector Bowman's Casebook is a series of short stories to fill the gaps between the novels. Each of the two volumes contains four stories set in the months in between the novels, so the whole of 1892 is chronicled. You can download the first story, The Smithfield Murder, for FREE and even find a bonus Bowman adventure, Last Orders, in the short story collection, Victoriana, from Sharpe Books.

'Richard James has chosen a period he clearly has great affection for as a setting. He revels in the details and in sharing what his characters see and feel around them. It’s a time long-gone now, but in the hands of the author, as vibrant and full of life as it must surely once have been.' Desmond Bagley Online

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