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Gerry Anderson


Richard's association with the legendary TV producer Gerry Anderson began when he played Officer Orrin in Gerry's last live-action scifi series, Space Precinct. Since then, with the blessing of Anderson Entertainment, he has novelised many forgotten and new Gerry Anderson stories from the likes of the never-filmed Five Star Five and Intergalactic Rescue 4 to continuations of the Space Precinct story...


Richard is uniquely placed to continue the Space Precinct saga. To celebrate the series' twentieth anniversary in 2014, he produced a memoir of his time filming all twenty four episodes at Pinewood Studios. Space Precinct Unmasked takes the reader behind the scenes on what was, at the time, 'the most expensive TV series ever made'!

He was later approached by Anderson Entertainment to novelise the unfilmed pilot episode
Demeter City and then to pen four more adventures for the officers of Precinct 88.

Space Precinct Revisited includes four stories featuring your favourite characters from the show, and is available as an audio download from Big Finish Productions.

Lieutenant Patrick Brogan, a cop with the NYPD, needs a change.

When a botched ambush on an arms smuggling operation throws up more questions than answers, it seems all roads lead to the planet Altor. Applying for a transfer, Brogan must uproot his family to continue his investigations. The lieutenant and his partner, Officer Haldane, find themselves involved in a case like nothing they've known before. Navigating their way through the streets of Demeter City with new, alien colleagues, they uncover a network of crime that stretches halfway across the galaxy.

But is the real threat closer to home?


Richard's novel, John Lovell and the Zargon Threat, is a direct adaptation of Gerry and Tony Barwick's 1977 screenplay, Five Star Five. Scheduled to shoot at Bray Studios after filming the second series of Space 1999, the project ultimately came to nothing, despite stages having been booked and a director hired. It tells the story of a haggard space freighter captain and his simian sidekick, Clarence the chimp, as they assemble a crack squad of disparate characters to help defeat the villainous Zargons. Billed as 'the Magnificent Seven in space', Five Star Five would have introduced cinema audiences to a thrilling space epic set in the outer reaches of the galaxy. Sadly, it wasn't to be.

With the first novelisation released, Richard set to work on two further adventures for the Five Star Five. Featuring the same group of characters from Gerry and Tony's original script, these all new adventures take John Lovell to many strange worlds in his attempts to defend the peaceful planet of Kestra.



The peaceful planet of Kestra is under threat. The evil Zargon forces are preparing to launch a devastating attack from an asteroid fortress.

With the whole Kestran system under threat, Colonel Zana looks to one man to save them. Except one man isn’t enough.


Gathering a crack team around him, including a talking chimpanzee, a marauding robot and a mystic monk, John Lovell must infiltrate the enemy base and save Kestra from the Zargons!


In 1975, Gerry worked with producer Fred Freiberger to produce a treatment for a new live action series. Set aboard the multi-purpose rescue ship, Intergalactic Rescue 4, this thirteen part series would see two young teenagers, Jason Stone and Anne Warren, and their two robots Alpha and Zeta span the galaxy in their attempts to save others from distress.

The treatments for ten of the stories were presented to Richard for novelisation. Many of the stories were fully fleshed out, others were simply a few lines detailing the young space pilots' adventures.

It is the 22nd Century. The League of Planets has tasked Jason Stone, Anne Warran and their two robots, Alpha and Zeta to explore the galaxy, bringing hope to those in need of rescue. On board Intergalactic Rescue 4, they travel to ice moons and jungle planets in 10 exciting adventures that see them journey further across the stars than anyone before.


But what are the secret transmissions that Anne discovers? And why do their rescues seem to be taking them on a predetermined course? Soon, Anne discovers that her co-pilot, Jason, might be on a quest of his own...


First Action Bureau was born in the COVID lockdowns of 2020. Created and written by Jamie Anderson and Nicholas Briggs, it was an audio adventure in ten parts featuring Genevieve Gaunt, Paterson Joseph, Nicola Walker and Sacha Dhawan. In 2023, Richard was approached to write a prequel to the events in the audio series, detailing how the heroine, Nero Jones, came to be the woman we had come to know.

Nero Jones has led a troubled life, but things are about to get a whole lot worse...


Press-ganged into joining First Action Bureau, a shadowy organisation set up to counter terrorist threats, Nero finds herself thrown into a range of increasingly more exciting missions under the guidance of the mysterious Nathan Drake. As she learns more about the Bureau, she's haunted by half-forgotten memories that lead her to question everything she knows. Just what is real and what is fake? Delving deeper into the Bureau's history, Nero comes to a startling conclusion; nothing is true!

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